Hello I am Mrs Lewis, the teacher in Class 5.

When I am not teaching my lovely class, I can sometimes be found time travelling with my two dogs (or ‘doglets’ as I tend to call them) in the Tardis that I keep parked at the bottom of the garden. However, it is with deep sadness I must confess that it does not seem surprisingly bigger on the inside. If the Tardis is ‘out of order’, then whenever I am able to grab the chance, I am off on more local travels in my campervan – again with my well-travelled ‘doglets’…

In my spare time I also like to bake cakes – although I hasten to add these are not in the same league as Mary Berry’s cakes. Due to my very basic baking skills, my cakes make very few appearances in the staffroom at school. I also like to ‘potter’ about in my garden, but again I am a bit of a novice!

This year the children have great topics to cover. We will be learning about the Ancient Greeks and the Romans, which have opportunities for dressing up and trips, as well as fantastic opportunities for art and DT! We will also be introduced to some of Shakespeare’s plays later in the year. Class 5 is a very challenging and exciting experience for the children. The children will be building on the skills they learnt in Class 4 and becoming even more independent in their work. The learning qualities we encourage at Ramsbury are: resilience, responsibility, readiness, reflection and resourcefulness. These can be demonstrated in their weekly homework tasks.

However, I predict that the highlight of the year for the children of Class 5 will be our residential trip in May to Osmington Bay.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please come and speak to me in the playground before or after school and I will try my very best to help.

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