The Ramsbury PTA is a registered charity and is made up of all the parents and staff of the Ramsbury School community.

So we are essentially a cast of hundreds! This has enabled us to work tirelessly to create a cohesive and dynamic school community and further the fundraising aims of the school.

But how does the PTA work?

We currently have a volunteer chair, treasurer and secretary holding official positions on the committee. As a registered charity these positions come with considerable responsibility and as an organisation we are dedicated to transparency and inclusivity. You will find our constitution and the minutes of our meetings posted on our PTA noticeboard outside the school office.

In addition, we have a group of parents who attend meetings regularly and can always be relied upon to help out in a tight spot.

And then we have our wonderful class reps!

Our class reps at Ramsbury Primary School were introduced in September 2011. Each year two class parents are asked to volunteer for the role. It’s a dynamic and fluid position which has the ability to react to the needs of the individual class. Yet in the barest sense, our class reps work to support the class teacher (finding parents to help with reading, volunteers for excursions, etc), help the class parents get to know one another and support the PTA.

This means for the PTA, class reps are tasked with running a stall at the Summer and Christmas Fayre and hosting another fundraising event of their choice. Most have taken their role and turned it into something even more special. This year has seen class reps host curry evenings at their homes, have pamper nights, work with local businesses to create a Halloween Extravaganza and a magical Easter Egg hunt.

The class reps are supported by all the class parents and work very hard at making sure every single parent can contribute to our school community in some way. Whether it’s baking a cake, helping out with the professional services needed by the PTA, making a donation or approaching a local business to support the school, there are endless ways to support the school.

Ready to get involved?

The first person to approach is your class rep. They will always have ways to help out! And then come along to one of our PTA meetings. If you can’t make a meeting but would like to help in other ways then ask the school office for the email of our Chair.

The PTA is dedicated to supporting Ramsbury Primary School to continue being a dynamic, enriching and socially aware school. We are motivated to help our children learn the benefits of being engaged citizens and community members. Most of all, the PTA is a tool to enable the school to carry out their greater vision; to instil a life-long love of learning.