After School Hockey Club at Marlborough College

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I have never played hockey before so I was a bit nervous about going to the club with another school. It really boosted my confidence in playing this sport. They used many enjoyable and sometimes silly games to teach skills. I learnt a lot of these; like chipping a ball over noodles (big white strips of plastic), how the game works, all about defending and how to cover the pitch with everyone on the team.

Even though I wasn’t the best at chipping the ball at first, the encouraging coaches kept me going, so now I can chip a ball and I am really proud of that new skill.

I met loads of people from other schools that I will see again when we all move up to secondary school and I got to be with my friends from Ramsbury from years 5 and 6.

This was a really great experience overall as I have learnt a new sport that I will carry on playing into Secondary school.

Camille Farrington-Darby, Class 6