Astro nuts at Ramsbury School!

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We had a very exciting delivery this morning at 8 am. In a large black suitcase with two enormous padlocks, we took ownership (for the day) of some real bits of space!

Class 5 are releasing a podcast later this term documenting their learning, but every class was given the opportunity to handle real fragments of meteorites (Chrondrites, tektite and iron) and lunar samples from the Apollo mission in 1969.

The children have booklets coming home with them today and it would be wonderful if you could chat with your children about what they experienced today.

I would also like to ‘apollo-gise’ for not letting parents take a peek, we didn’t have the ‘space’ to accommodate you…

See here for an exciting ‘Go Star Gazing’ event in Marlborough!

Kind Regards

Mrs  Pollock, Class 5 Teacher

Assistant Head of Key Stage 2