Book Bingo – Live Launch!

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BOOK BINGO is here!!! It’s official! 

Today in assembly, we launched Book Bingo! We know that your children already love books and enjoy reading and listening to a range of wonderful stories, so we decided to create these lovely Padlets featuring books that we think your children will love – from Fixi Favourites, Ramsbury Recommends… to picture books, poetry and graphic novels.

Each class has its own Padlet and the link is available on their Google Classroom page. Follow the link to see which fabulous books we have chosen. Once you have had a browse, there is an option to rate the books your child has read by selecting the stars underneath each image.

In addition, we have given the children paper copies of the Book Bingo lists along with some rather flashy golden stars for them to stick on each book once they have completed it!

There is no need to buy any of these books. Many of them we will be reading in class and have access to in school. We will be trying to raise funds to buy more copies of these books throughout the year.  If you happen to have any unwanted copies of these books, please think of us.

We are trying to raise the profile of reading for pleasure even higher and we hope the children will get great pleasure from Book Bingo!

So get reading!

Mrs Creed