Class 6 visit to Ramsbury Estate

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On Thursday 3rd December, Class 6 braved the cold and wet weather for their visit to Ramsbury Estate.

“Despite the bad weather and torrential rain, we trudged through muddy forests, slippy fields and stoney tracks. When we reached Ramsbury Estates, we were met by a man called Alistair who gave us an interesting talk about our local trees.

We learnt about how grey squirrels destroy Oak trees by nibbling all the way around them, how softwood is different to hardwood, how most of our trees are shipped over from foreign countries and how there is a disease spreading around Ash trees called Ash Dieback.

We saw a man called Andy plant a tree and we saw some fruits and nuts produced by our local trees. After that we went on a search for acorns so we could plant our own trees here at school.

On the way back we spotted some alpacas, horses and ponies from a farm. When we got back we took off our sodden hats, gloves, wellies and waterproofs and enjoyed our warm classroom for the rest of the afternoon”.


Annabelle T, Class 6