In Class R, Mrs Mayer’s EYFS curriculum centres around:

  • Wellbeing – to know that it’s ok to have different feelings and also give the children the ability to deal with them; giving the children strategies to deal with conflict; developing tolerance; giving them the ability to deal with disappointment and developing their independence, determination and cooperation.


  • Learning – broaden their joy of learning; knowing that learning is a challenge and you need to take risks; developing the ability to make links within their learning; being willing to give everything a go; being active in learning; taking risks; developing confidence in all areas; taking on different roles; developing resilience – knowing that learning can be difficult and encouraging their curiosity to lead their own learning.


  • Diversity – children seeing cultures and worlds they may not have encountered yet in their classroom and in books.


  • Exploration – making the most of every experience; introducing awe and wonder of everyday life; developing imaginations and enthusiasm.


Our Ten Class Experiences