Intent & Experiences

At Ramsbury School, we want our children to be so enthused by their learning that they can’t wait to tell their parents about their day when they get home.

We have prioritised making learning experiences enriching, such as educational visits and lessons which enthuse our children, with presentation and high quality work being a key focus of all that we do.


Our teachers do this by:

Curriculum Intent

Ten Class Experiences

Termly Overview

Class Page

Class R Curriculum Intent Class R Experiences Class R – Term 1

Class R – Term 2

Class R School Page
Class 1 Curriculum Intent Class 1 Experiences Class 1 – Term 1

Class 1 – Term 2

Class 1 School Page
Class 2 Curriculum Intent Class 2 Experiences Class 2 – Term 1

Class – Term 2

Class 2 School Page
Class 3 Curriculum Intent Class 3 Experiences Class 3 – Term 1

Class 3 – Term 2

Class 3 School Page
Class 4 Curriculum Intent Class 4 Experiences Class 4 – Term 1

Class 4 -Term 2

Class 4 School Page

Class 5 Curriculum Intent

Class 5 Experiences Class 5 – Term 1 and 2 Class 5 School Page
Class 6 Curriculum Intent Class 6 Experiences Class 6 – Term 1

Class 6 – Term 2

Class 6 School Page



Subject Intent

If you would like to know more about how and why we teach every subject, please see below:











Our main priority is to plan learning for the children that is exciting and relevant. We created a completely new and exciting curriculum for the new National Curriculum 2014. Termly information about the curriculum can be found within the Classes pages of our website. The content of our school’s curriculum for Academic Year 2019-20 for every subject in each class is provided on the following links:


Details of our approach to phonics & reading can be found on our Phonics & Reading page. 


For more details about the curriculum we follow, please email: