Huge Excitement as PlayPod comes to Ramsbury

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Our children were thrilled to return to school this term to find two large brand new sheds filled with exciting play materials. Wiltshire’s ‘Scrapstore PlayPod’ provide a huge range of scrap materials such as cardboard tubes, tyres, lengths of material, netting, ropes, crates and bins which extends the choices and possibilities of play for all children on a regular basis.  The unprescriptive nature of these loose parts in combination with children’s inventiveness and creativity results in them using the items in endless different ways, enabling all ages, genders and abilities to find ways to play and socialise together.  The Scrapstore PlayPod’s are then topped up with scrap materials on a regular basis.

Here’s what some of our Class 6 children think…

“The PlayPods have brought so much to Ramsbury School, because it makes everyone bond from different classes. Also it’s a great way for Class 6 and Class R to play together” Owen

“The PlayPods have reinforced the rules of Ramsbury Primary. The children enjoy their free time thanks to the PlayPods. It is fair and nobody argues and now all the classes are playing together. The PlayPods were a great idea to invest in!” Tom

“I think that the PlayPod has made our school loads more fun!” Michelle

“I like the PlayPods because they give you something different to do at lunchtime. It is also good to make pull along cars” Lexi

“I think the PlayPods have changed everyone’s creativity and made them create wonderful things” Adam

“I like the PlayPods because it helps stretch our imaginations. You can make so many things and they have so many inspiring uses. The PlayPod is also good because it is eco friendly” Rosie

“The PlayPod is good for Ramsbury because it helps the children express their creative flair. The PlayPod helps me because it gives me ideas to play with my buddy. Overall, i think the PlayPod is a great addition to our school” Maddy

“I like the PlayPods because we are re-using the plastic, which means it is not getting chucked into the sea and it gives the freedom to be creative at lunchtime” Grace L

“I think the PlayPod gives children things to look forward to at lunchtime and gives them the freedom of making their ideas come to life” Kate