Life in Lockdown by Olivia, Class 6

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It has been a very tough start to 2021 due to lockdown number 3.   Ramsbury Primary School has been doing an amazing job at teaching us remotely via Google Classroom which is an online site where our teachers can upload work for us.

Each day begins with a google meet with my teacher and the rest of the class. This is a good opportunity for me to see all of my classmates even if it’s virtually. When that is finished, we will get our lessons started.

I have been learning via PowerPoint presentations and YouTube videos, I will also have a worksheet which I will work through with my Mum. I then have to turn it in and my work will come back with lovely comments and tips from my teachers. It is so nice to have a good interaction with my teachers!

One day of the week I will have a live reading session with a small group and my teacher for my reading comprehension. This term we are reading a fascinating book called ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio. This story is about a boy called August who has a facial disfiguration and has been home-schooled by his Mother until his parents decide for him to go to school.

The teachers are also doing a great job at making home-schooling especially fun. We are having a bake off for the next few weeks. Every week there is a new category and at the end of the week a star baker is announced.

We have also managed to walk the length of the Grand Canyon (which is 277 miles) as a class. We have been walking at least a mile every day and adding it to an excel document. Because we have finished we are now going to try to achieve the length of the Mississippi river which is a whopping  2317 miles, (this may take us longer than 2 weeks!) We are so lucky to have so many lovely walks around here so we can enjoy the countryside as we go on our walks.

A Ramsbury Primary School lockdown tradition has been Miss Price’s ‘Who’s in the barrel?’ She will take a video of someone that is at school and they will be in the barrel. Those of us at home will have to guess who’s in the barrel.

I am so lucky to have a school that can provide the help and the resources over this challenging time. I am really looking forward to lockdown coming to an end and going back to school so I can see all my friends again.


By Olivia, Class 6