Using the School Minibus

Transport can be provided by the Local Authority for children who live in Axford. Please complete Wiltshire Council’s Transport Application Form to request a place.

The transport is a minibus, which runs at the beginning and end of the school day. The bus starts its morning run in Axford before dropping the children off at school. This journey is reversed at the end of the school day.

Only children who have County approval to use the minibus may do so.

Use of the School Car Park

The school car park is very small and must only be used by school staff due to the limited spaces available.

The roads surrounding the school get very congested with the traffic generated by the school run. We therefore ask parents and children to leave the car at home and walk to school as a matter of routine. We realise that walking to school is not practical for some families as they live too far away or are on route to work.

If you do have to drive, please do not park within the triangle, as shown below. We are trying to keep this area free of obstruction, to allow all children to walk to and from school safely.