Children are in school for only a small proportion of their lives.

Learning continues outside school, whether it is at home, or outside playing. Homework is a small part of home learning. Class teachers explain their homework expectations for the year at the annual curriculum afternoon and in weekly Google Classroom newsletters. Homework increases as your child goes through school and most children will be expected to have reading and phonics/spellings homework on a weekly basis. Some extended holiday projects may also be included.

You can find more details on your child’s relevant Class Page. 

However, most learning at home is not set by school. Your child is learning all the time and the more you engage with their learning in school and follow up with similar learning themes at home, the more beneficial it will be to your child’s progress.

But learning should be fun! Learning should be through a variety of experiences; from doing, to seeing, to reading, to writing and most importantly, playing!

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