Here you will find relevant links to support our comprehensive PSHE programme provided by SCARF.

You can also speak to your child’s class teacher or any member of staff you feel comfortable with. We have two ELSA staff members working in the school to support Mental Health issues.

When talking to your child about their feelings, we use ‘How is your engine running?’

Lots of young children have been exposed at school to similar concepts which are simple ways of helping children figure out if their ‘engine’ is running in the blue (low energy or even sad), green (just the right amount of energy, feeling good), or red (super high energy, or even angry).

The benefit of a child learning to notice ‘how their engine is running’ is so that they can begin to learn how to self-regulate their ‘engine’ or overall mood and/or energy level.

We as parents or caregivers can actually teach children not only how their engine is running, but what they can do about it!


If you have concerns regarding your child’s mental health, here are some links to websites and resources below that you may find useful:


Linking what we do at Ramsbury with your home life.

Family SCARF (


A guide from Wiltshire on support in Primary Schools

A comprehensive resource for all elements of Mental Health The tab for Parents and Carers has podcasts and links for all aspects of support you can use at home.

Specific issues support listed here


This website has a parents A-Z and a guide for self-care when supporting a child with mental health issues.


Anxiety is a hugely prevalent issue across the country following lockdowns. This specifically addresses how to support children experiencing anxiety of all degrees.


The Senior Mental Health Lead is Sophie Pollock