Ramsbury’s Resident Hedgehog

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Friday 10th January 2020. Mrs Hinder rescued a hedgehog this morning at Ramsbury Primary School.

The hedgehog was scurrying around on the bank but we were concerned as hedgehogs should be in hibernation and certainly not out during the day.
Mrs Hinder weighed the hedgehog, as to be able to survive the winter it needed to be 600g or heavier.
She was only 500g so we phoned Oak and Furrows Animal Rescue Centre, who luckily had a driver out in the area who came to collect her.
The hedgehog will be examined, and will receive any treatment required. The Centre will look after her over the winter and as the Centre is near Mrs Hinder’s home, she will check on the hedgehog regularly.
In the Spring, all being well, Mrs Hinder will collect the hedgehog and release her back in the school grounds.