Robotics Challenge Day

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On Tuesday, Class 6 were lucky enough to be able to take part in a robotics challenge day. We all had a very great time solving the problems of the Ocean Odyssey. Some of the challenges were very hard, like the programming our robot to save the chest from opening out into the ocean and some were a lot easier like, helping the dolphin come out of the net .

We worked in groups to make our robot. We had to follow instructions working as a team. Once everyone had finished their robot we got to start with the challenges. We had to work out code to make our robot carry out its missions on a designed map.

Our missions were to do with our oceans and protecting the health of them.  It lasted all day and we finished it off with a competition at the end of who could get the most points from our mission.

We all learn lots, improved both our coding skills and those that we need to work in a team and had lots of fun!


Daisy Cox, Class 6