How We Operate

The RSDT primarily raises funds through regular donations from parents, which enable the Trustees to plan ahead, confident of a reasonably guaranteed income stream for the school. We ask all parents, if they can afford it, to consider becoming a regular donor to the RSDT for the duration of their child’s time at the school. Donations can be made for any amount per month and it is surprising how much even a small regular donation mounts up.

In addition, as the RSDT is a charity, the RSDT can claim Gift Aid on these donations from UK taxpayers. This significantly increases the benefit to the school at no extra cost to the donor, as shown below:

Monthly amount Annual amount Over 7 years With Gift Aid
£5 per month £60 per annum £420 £525
£10 per month £120 per annum £840 £1050
£20 per month £240 per annum £1680 £2100


If you do not feel able to make a regular donation to the RSDT, you can make a single donation at any time. To make a single donation, please complete this form.