Success at the School Games – July 2019

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The Road to the School Games, by Sam Clague, Class 6


Quad Kids

On Wednesday, 26th June Year 5 and 6 athletes set off for Marlborough College to compete in Quad Kids. 19 schools took part in 4 different events, 60m sprint, standing long jump, vortex hurl and 600m long distance. First up was sprint which was very tiring in the warm conditions. Next was long jump. This is where we got most of the points, and after a few mis-timed jumps we all got a very decent result. After that was long distance which was one and a half loops of the track and every member of our team worked their socks off and could barely stand at the end. The last event was vortex and luckily each of us produced a good throw and we racked up the points again. Knowing this we went in to the closing ceremony where the results are announced  with hope and sure enough we had done enough to get to the School Games the following week. We were all very happy and we all had a great day.

School Games

On 10th July our team, Ben, Jamie, Nicholas, Jack, me, Carys, Florence, Kitty, Phoebe and Ria arrived once again at Marlborough College for the School Games, which is a massive event and totally exhilarating to attend. There were a huge number of schools attending and it’s like being at the Olympics with opening ceremonies, sports personalities like David Hemery and Feron Sayers who was a long jump champion and jumped over 7m at the age of 14! We all cheered each other on and we supported the tennis team too. We waited for the results with anticipation. Sadly it wasn’t our day for the top spot, but our team came 3rd and we were all very proud of how we did and the effort we put in and of our bronze medals. Afterwards we got Feron Sayers autograph and we had an amazing time trying out all of the activities in the athletes village before we went home.


By Sam Clague