The Adventures of Class 2 and Class 6

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At school and at home, the children in Class 2 have been learning about Captain Scott and have created dens and shelters to emulate Scott’s Hut at Cape Evans, Antarctica. 

This week we baked high-energy flapjacks and, with a mug of hot chocolate, ate them pretending we were part of the expedition to reach the South Pole.

Class 2


In Class 6, we have been basing much of our work around the book ‘Wonder’, which is about a 10-year-old boy called Auggie who has a serious facial deformity. Our theme this week has been ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and we have been discussing ways in which people are sometimes judged by their looks, their background or their race. It has really made us think about how we treat others and how it’s what’s on the inside that counts! We have also been doing lots of Algebra, Science, Art, Music, RE, PSHE – we have been really busy! 

It’s quiet in class without everybody here and we’re really missing those children who are at home, but our daily Class Meets ensure that we can see everybody together at least once a day. We also have some whole class challenges that mean we are still working as a class, even though we’re not all together: we have our Grand Canyon Challenge, where we are all running a mile every day to work towards a goal, and we have the Great Class 6 Bake Off competition – last week was Bread Week and Darcy was Star Baker! This week it’s Cookie Week and there have been lots of fabulous entries so far! 

By Scarlett and Alex, Class 6


Class 6