What is it like being back at school?

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It has been absolutely delightful to see our children in Reception, Class 1 and Class 6 back this week, as well as our key worker children. They have enjoyed themselves as much as we have, as can be seen here:


From the children in Class R:

“I loved walking through the door for the first time”

“I like playing outside with my friends”

“I love being able to run around the playground”

“I love school because I like the people here”

“I love seeing my teachers and playing with my friends”

“I like looking after my friends”

“I like telling jokes and showing people how to do things”

“I love playing with the school toys”

“I love drawing and I was very excited to come back”

“I love everything about school”


Class 1 have loved:

~seeing our friends

~having our own spy table, chair and pen

~learning and playing

~seeing our friends and teachers

~doing Maths and English

~having new things

~making dens

~being in a new classroom

~doing new things and playing new games

~seeing our teachers because we really missed them


From the children in Class 6:

“I am feeling very happy to be back at school and seeing all my friends and life getting back to normal”

“Our first week at school was very relaxed and chilled. I liked seeing most of my friends”

“Coming back to school has given us a chance to see our friends and get back to the new normal”

“I have really enjoyed seeing all my friends again, having a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, still getting on with our work and just being back to our normal routine at school”

“I have really enjoyed seeing my friends”


Class 6 have also loved:

~seeing friends and teachers again

~being in a small class

~having lots of time outside

~doing the Haka

~practising the Lion King play


Children in Classes 2 and 3 loved:

~playing with new friends

~playing new games and sports

~learning new things

~seeing my friends

~being outside


From the children in Classes 4 and 5:

“We have enjoyed seeing our friends and finally being released from our homes!”

“We are really lucky as we have a brand new, special classroom in OGNS. We have a girls’ room and a boys’ room and the girls have even brought in their slippers!”

“Charades and wink murder sessions have been hilarious, with much drama and a lot of giggles. We have loved having the chance to play football with friends on the field, or just taking time to soak in the sunshine and have a good chat”

“Obviously, we are still busy on Google classroom doing our work and staying in touch with our other teachers and friends. Year 5 have particularly enjoyed doing our Haiku poems. Class 4 have produced some fantastic WANTED posters for Viking marauders”

“Although we are having fun in school, we are still looking forward to when all our other friends can come back and join us at school”