After School Sports Clubs

This term, Mr Samaras will be offering the following After School Sports Clubs;

Y1-3 Multi Skills (Fitness and Co-ordination)

In this club, the children have the opportunity to exercise and improve upon their basic fitness skills; strength, balance, coordination and stamina. Playing games and activities in pairs, small groups and teams. We promote cooperation, teamwork and build upon the principles of fair play. At the same time, we build upon basic skills of curriculum sports like football, netball, hockey, tag rugby, cricket and more.

Y4-6 Hockey

This club focuses on establishing the basic skills of hockey, holding and moving with a stick, dribbling, passing, defending and scoring. At the same time, children will practice a variety of more advanced techniques like Indian dribble, pull back dribble, blocking and channelling in defence and more. Game situations will be used from 2v2 to 7v7 in order to promote the knowledge of basic tactics, application of rules and regulations and game situations, as well as team building skills leadership and fair play.

Y4-6 Tag Rugby

This club focuses on establishing the basic skills used in Tag Rugby, tagging and dodging, carrying and running with the ball with the use of changing direction, passing and receiving, scoring tries safely and effectively. At the same time, children will practice and learn the application of basic rules of the game like backward passing, 6 tag turnover and building the lines of defence and offence. Group and team exercises will be used to assist with building basic team tactics, promoting team spirit and cooperation.


Please ask the school office for more information.

We will also be running our after school care club ‘Fun Club’, please see for more information.