During the National Lockdown: from Wednesday 6th January 2021, the drop off/pick up timings for children of critical workers/vulnerable children, will be as follows:

Drop Off

At the front door, at either 8am if attending Rise & Shine, or 9am for normal school start.

Pick Up

From the school playground at 3pm.

If your child is attending our After School Club, please collect from the front door at 4pm.

Please queue along the school path from Isles Road, up Isles Road (not down Isles Road, over the entrance and exit of the school car park).


Welcome to Ramsbury Primary School!

Ramsbury is a bright and beautiful village, with green fields covered with crops. The nature is amazing, with animals like: Muntjac Deer, Red Kites, Ravens and Crayfish.

Most importantly we have a school, which is the best school in the universe because we have iPads, laptops, Platinum Sing Up award, Gold Arts Mark, best teachers in the universe, and the best Head Teacher in the universe!!

By Luca Doré (pupil)


We are extremely proud to be an English Hub and a National Support School, which means that our staff have been selected for top roles supporting other schools and training new teachers across the country.

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