My name is Mrs Mayer and I love teaching Class R at Ramsbury School. When I’m not involved in learning adventures in class, I like to keep fit by cycling, spinning, walking and yoga. I also love cooking, reading and going to the theatre.


Throughout the year we work from the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS), which will continue on from previous settings such as Pre-School or Nursery.

An important part of the EYFS Curriculum is the Characteristics of Learning, the key factors being engagement, motivation and critical thinking. Focusing on these characteristics help the children understand how they can become independent and effective learners.

In Class R the children’s likes and interests are the basis for all our planning.

Our topics change every half-term and the children help us to plan by sharing what they enjoy doing and what they would really like to learn about. Finding out what they like to do at home is really important, so your input is invaluable. We will let you know about each new topic and at the same time ask you to let us know what experiences or learning they have already had connected to it, as well as any learning or activities they would like to do. This means that we can then build on their knowledge and skills more effectively.

As you will know children learn best when they are enjoying themselves which is why most of the learning in Reception takes place through play-based activities. However, we would like to think that even when learning is teacher initiated there will still be lots of fun.

Children in Class R are given a lot of time to explore and investigate new topics. Throughout the year Ms Hatherall, Mrs Johal and I will collect evidence (pictures and samples of work) and put it in the children’s learning journeys.

This year Ms Hatherall will be teaching on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday with Mrs Johal as her Teaching Assistant.


To get in touch with Mrs Mayer and her team, please email:


Class R team: Mrs Mayer, Ms Hatherall and Mrs Johal


Mrs Mayer – Class R Teacher Ms Hatherall – Class R HLTA/ELSA Mrs Johal – Class R TA




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