The Class 5 Teacher is Mrs Pollock, supported by Mrs Davies

Welcome to the Class 5 page! 


Here you should find all the information you need for working with us this year. We have a great team – Mrs Davies, Mrs Hinder, Ms Miles and Ms Martin. Together we will be taking care of your children each day.


I am really enjoying the term so far. We have a wonderful and creative new Curriculum format (see below) which immerses the children into stimulating topics and makes then feel a part of the wider world…and beyond!


Some of you may know, I have a Science background, and I have drawn inspiration from the Perseverance Rover launch earlier this year as the basis for our topic. We are studying the magnificent Greeks, who pioneered the discovery of our universe, to think about our immediate future and the possibility that we may re-colonise on Mars. The children already have strong opinions about this, but we are trying hard to use reasoning and evidence to further our discussions and fine-tune our argument. Mrs Hinder has already woven some beautiful art and music themes into this concept. In English, we have been looking at some very gritty Myths and reading the incredible ‘Percy Jackson’ book.


The other essential item to note is PSHEC. We are very aware that you and your children have had a challenging and unsettling few months, we are working hard to make the transition back to school smooth. Please keep us informed via the new class email.


Wednesday is our crucial day! 

Google classroom homework (please spend 15/20 minutes on this) will be set on this day and spellings will be changed a well. I have also put lots of other bits on Google Classroom – again entirely optional, but I think it’s so wonderful to look at images from Hubble or see how the mission to Mars is progressing in real-time!


We will also sign reading records on Wednesday. The children have already been inserting some gorgeous sentences from their reading books. Please encourage reading every day. It is so important. Hopefully, everything is covered here, but if not, please let me know.


Best wishes,


Mrs Pollock


Class 5 team: Mrs Pollock, Mrs Hinder, Mrs Davies, Ms Miles and Ms Martin



Mrs Pollock – Class 5 Teacher

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Mrs Hinder

Year 2/5 Teacher



Mrs Davies Ms Martin Ms Miles
Mrs Davies – Class 5 HLTA Ms Martin – TA/ELSA Ms Miles – HLTA / PE Teacher





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