The Class 5 Teacher is Mrs Pollock, supported by Mrs Davies

Welcome to the Class 5 page.

Our year is split into three areas:


The Autumn term is focused on the future. 

We use the incredible resources from NASA to study Mars in detail, alongside the rest of the solar system and move onto the invisible forces that operate within it. Ancient Greece is our history topic, and we look at Greek Mythology and their futuristic ideas on Democracy and Alchemy.

In Spring, we look at the present. 

Our Geography topic is based on our local area, and we examine the historic evidence in our locality that leads us into today. We also focus on comparisons with other ten-year-olds in Lebanon and Ghana. In History, we review the build-up to the Roman invasion. Finally, in science, we study the lifecycles of several organisms and look in detail at the stages of development in humans.

Finally, in the Summer term, we look to the past.

Term 5 and 6 is focused on the Romans. They were a formidable bunch who had quite an impact on our tiny island! We will look closely at the various elements they imparted to us that still stand today. Speaking of elements, we are also cover Chemistry for the last part of the year! We will go back to atoms and then onto material properties and changes. This brings us back to the Romans…they were avid users of concrete!


To find out more about our learning, see the curriculum maps below.



Monday is P.E. with Miss Miles; come to school in your kit, ready for an active afternoon!

Wednesday is Homework day (Google Classroom)

We will also sign reading records, so please encourage and support daily reading.

Every day is water bottles and clothing suitable for the weather conditions of Wiltshire!


Hopefully, everything you need to know is covered here, but if not, please let us know via the class email.

Best wishes,

Mrs Pollock


Class 5 team: Mrs Pollock, Mrs Hinder, Mrs Davies and Mrs Marletta



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Mrs Pollock – Class 5 Teacher

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