The Class 4 teachers are Mrs Fry and Mrs Creed.

This year Mrs Creed will teach on Monday and Tuesday, with Mrs Fry teaching on Wednesday to Friday. We are very excited about working together again and sharing our interests, teaching experiences and expertise.

The focus of teaching and learning for the first term will be the rainforest. We have already blasted off the year by decorating the class with out own hand crafted blue morphus butterflies, macaws, heliconias and leaf based art work. We will use this as inspiration for writing poems and stories about the rainforest as well as learning about the wildlife and habitats, people and customs, its geographical importance and destruction. We also have a trip to the Living Rainforest planned, which you will hear about very soon.

Details of key dates, homework and how to support your child’s learning at home can be found in the downloadable Parents Curriculum Letter, the link to which is below. On the Class 4 homepage there are also links to a number of resources, which we hope you will find useful.

Please come to see us if you have any queries or if you have any ideas or expertise which tie in with our topic.

Thank you.


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