Welcome to Class 6! The class is taught by Mrs Pegg and Mrs Haynes, and our TA is Mrs Ritchie

The last year at Primary School is a challenging and exciting experience for the children; they will be building on the skills that they learnt in Class 5 and becoming more independent in their work to prepare them for the next step of their learning journey!

Our learning this year will be centred around the question ‘Do we all have the power to change the world?’.  For the first two terms we will be considering if it is important for us to preserve the past and will focus on life during Prehistoric times.  After Christmas we will think about how we can help everybody to belong and will spend some time learning about the experiences of refugees.  Finally, in terms 5 & 6 our learning will have an environmental theme and in particular whether our rivers and seas hold the secret to the health of our planet.

As well as working towards our SATs in May, there will be plenty to look forward to in the coming terms and hopefully our 5-day residential visit to Rockley in June.  We have all written to our Class R Buddies and are very excited about our virtual meetings with them soon!

PE will be taught by Ms Miles on a Wednesday afternoon and Madame Handscomb will teach French on Thursdays.


Class 6 team: Mrs Pegg, Mrs Haynes, Mrs Ritchie, Mrs Marletta, Mrs Beattie and Mr Miller

Email: class6@ramsbury.wilts.sch.uk


Mrs Pegg – Class 6 Teacher

Mrs Haynes

Mrs Haynes – Class 6 Teacher


Mrs Ritchie

Mrs Ritchie – Class 6 HLTA

Mrs Beattie

Mrs Beattie – HLTA

Mr Miller

Mr Miller -TA

Mrs Marletta

Mrs Marletta – TA


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