My name is Miss Royle and I love creating music, being arty and speaking German, especially in the classroom as Class 3’s teacher!

Music and art are two favourites of mine and when I am not teaching I can be found playing the piano, doing photography, drawing or visiting my parents down in Hampshire and their 4 (yes 4!) crazy dogs. I enjoy being busy outside on long walks but I am also quite at home being inside using technology to compose my music and creature pictures with my drawing tablet.

In Class 3 our topics are full of opportunities for creativity, drama, trips and discovery. We will be exploring the Victorians first through a trip to a Victorian school and Oliver Twist, before plunging into History with a journey through WW2. Class 3 is a fun place to learn and build on what they have learnt in Class 2, with an emphasis on them becoming more independent learners and taking on more responsibilities and roles within the classroom. It is also a chance for them to build on their confidence!

If you have any questions or concerns, then please come and speak to me in the playground before or after school and I will try my very best to help.

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