This year Ms Davis will be teaching Class 3, supported by Mrs Ind

Welcome to Class 3 page. My name is Ms Davis and I am really looking forward to the year and seeing the amazing things that your children will achieve throughout their time in Year 3.

This year the children will be thinking about the question ‘How will you leave your imprint on earth?’.

In Term 1, we will be looking at the question ‘Is the earth an author?’. The children will be learning about the imprints left behind on earth and the stories that rocks, pebbles and fossils can teach us about the world. The children will take on the role of petrologists and palaeontologists as they work hands on with a variety of fossils and rocks. We will focus our learning on Mary Anning of Lyme Regis and the imprint she has left on the earth with her findings and teachings. We will even create our very own museum in our classroom as well as recreate our own fossils. We will be leaving our very own imprints in Class 3!

After Christmas, Class 3 will begin to learn about rivers and the water cycle. The children will be thinking about the imprint rivers leave in our landscapes and how this changes over time. We will be thinking about how we can protect our rivers and why this is important for us to do. Can we leave an imprint by making an impact in our local area? It is up to us to take care of the River Kennet and to educate others on how they can do the same.

In Term 3 Class 3 will be learning about WW2 with a focus on the impact on children during this time. We will then be able to compare this in Term 4 as we move on the Victorian era, where life for children was extremely different to life now.

In Term 5 we will be learning about how it is possible to ‘Live with the Land’. Finally, in Term 6 we will be learning about Ancient Baghdad and the amazing imprints left behind that have helped the world to be what we live in today.


Class 3 team: Ms Davis and Mrs Ind



Mrs Ind
Ms Davis – Class 3 Teacher Mrs Ind – Class 3 TA




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