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Ramsbury Primary School is proud to be one of the government’s new English Hubs – one of just 34 schools nationwide, recognised for their excellence in teaching early reading and phonics.

The aim of our Hub is to support schools to achieve excellence in early literacy teaching through an initial focus on:

Developing early language and closing the word gap

Developing early reading through systematic, synthetic phonics

Promoting a love of reading


Recent Testimonials

“It’s been over 11 years since I retired from primary education and hearing the words synthetic phonics was a complete mystery to me. Your session has explained it so well and it will now help me to have a more informed dialogue with our English Leader. Brilliant delivery of a very well planned and informative session. Well done.”

“Thank you for your work with us this week; it was genuinely inspiring and the team here are thoroughly rejuvenated by the workshop and the full day. It has already informed our work, and will continue to do so. This has been a good week for our school’s progress, and you’ve played a significant part

Partnership School Governor, March 2021

Partnership School Headteacher, March 2021